Sul giocatore

■ ID name: HUNTER

■ Year of birth: 2002

■ Platform: Cellphone 

■ Gaming Career :

-Top 1 MLSL North 2022 as a player with new wave Colombia ONLINE;

-Top 3 MLSL South as a coach 2022 with new wave argentina ONLINE;

-Top 1 Jun 2021 OLTO 1ST edition in feeding team ONLINE;

- Top 2 League Colombian 2022 may 16th  ONLINE;

- Community gaming CG Series special edition North America 23 Sep, 2023 ONLINE Feeding team Champion;

- 1st October 2022 Feeding Team Champion of PlayPlusWorld invitational on NA Online;

- 3rd April 2023 champion with new wave col iesf panam CA Online and LAN;

- 3rd April 2022 top 2 feeding team Iesf panam CA Online as a Colombia team.

■ In-Game Role: Exp lanner

■ Email: [email protected] personal email

[email protected] work email

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